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Follow the white rabbit

Alice im Wunderland
Dieser Text entstand durch die Inspiration von Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland". Es geht um das Abtauchen ins Unterbewußtsein (Unterland), die Konfrontation mit den eigenen Schatten, das Finden der eigenen Identität und seiner Bestimmung, das Über-sich-selbst-hinauswachsen und um das Heranreifen zu einer integrierten Persönlichkeit, was die Selbstverwirklichung ermöglicht. Für all das ist es von großem Vorteil wenn nicht sogar unerlässlich, verrückt zu sein.

Manchmal bevorzuge ich die englische Sprache, um mich auszudrücken. Wahrscheinlich ist es nicht perfekt. Who cares?

In the beginning, Alice is too small and too afraid to accept her mission to slay the Jabberwocky. She even denies her identity as everybody is doubting about it. Absolem, the wise and allknowing caterpillar, calls her a stupid girl, because she doesn't know, who she is. The Mad Hatter is the only one who's sure that she's the real Alice they've all been waiting for. There's just something missing...

Time after time, Alice remembers about her "muchness". But she gets too big and takes risks that were not demanded. Her defiance seduce her to take control about the story. She wants to make her own decisions instead of following commands. Everybody's confused, but the White Queen trusts her.

In the end, Alice finds herself back and regains her original size by the help of the White Queen - the right size - to wear the armor and perform her task. Still she hesitates and hopes there could be another fighter. It's Absolem who gets out the real Alice - Alice at last. Then he dies so he can transform as caterpillars do. Alice takes the sword, slays the monster and defeats the evil Red Queen.

Back in what we call reality, Alice takes responsibility of her life and finds her own way. She meets Absolem again who has transformed into a beautiful butterfly and who had foretold that they'll see each other in another life.

Actually, Alice's selfdecided detour was the only way to get the Mrutal Sword. And her extreme bigness helped her to attain the Red Queen's confidence. And the story hides another secret: Being mad and having visions makes you overstep your fears and live your life in fullness.

Think this over:
What's your Red Queen, terrifying your inner Kingdom?
What's your Jabberwocky, giving the Red Queen all the power to bear you down?
What's your Mad Hatter, recognizing you and sacrificing himself to help you performing your task?
What's your White Queen, trusting and believing in your strenght and power without pushing you?
What's your Absolem, provoking you just to get out the best of you?
What's your Grinning Bobcat, appearing when you need it the most?

Follow the White Rabbit and step into your own Wonderland!

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